I'm a data scientist and PhD student in the health care industry. My interests primarily revolve around finding utility in social data, the application and representation of health data, and general data mining and machine learning techniques. If you're interested in getting in touch, feel free to email me or follow me on twitter.

Writings & Projects

Data Driven Weight Loss May 2013

Losing weight sucks, and it doesn’t get easier the older that I get. However, using foursquare checkins, regular weight data, and a few data mining methods, I’m able to learn what places I should avoid if I don’t want to gain any more weight.

Mood Tracking, the basis of health Aug 2012

Good mental health is fundamental to good general health. So, to track and improve your general health inherently requires you to track and improve your mental health.

Hacking HIPAA Aug 2012

Anyone who has interacted with our healthcare system knows that, at best, it’s broken. But, with the right combination of policy and technology, we can make a few giant leaps towards creating a patient-friendly system.

Improving Measure Development June 2012

I was given the opportunity to testify before the Health IT Standards and Policy Committees regarding measurement development. While this is a very important issue, there’s a bigger picture that we’re missing in Meaningful Use.

Is it bad I get all of my medical advice from Reddit? May 2012

The average 24 year old will spend more time on Facebook in the next week than they will with a physician in the next 20 years. So, naturally, for most young adults, the Internet knows more about their health than any physician - but how can we change that?

Health Care, Meet Foursquare Sep 2011

Foursquare knows how often I go to bars, my favorite restuarants, where I work, and what I do for fun. But what can that tell me about my health?

Open Government Is Public Health Sep 2011

The culture of decision-making bodies can have an immense impact on their ability to properly serve their constituents. Here are two dramatically different examples from bodies that I have served on.

Fresh Start Aug 2011

After spending a decade preparing for medical school, and finally receiving an acceptance letter, I walked away from it to focus on health technology.

Publications & Presentations

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